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Student Practicums

What sets up apart… XYNYTH’s Corporate Head Office is a place where practicum students prosper. Our dynamic staff is multi-cultural, multi-skilled and multi-aged. We encourage a positive, productive and fun atmosphere. XYNYTH also leads the way in the industry technologically, so on top of improving English skills, learning about North American business practices and honing your skills as part of a cohesive team, students get access to our complex databases and fantastic website, so they’re learning timeless interpersonal skills as well as cutting-edge technical skills.

What you should know… Potential practicum students are interviewed in the same manner as regular staff, and are expected to adhere to the same organizational conventions as regular employees – we feel that way they get the most authentic practicum experience. Students stay an average of 3 months, and keep regular office hours. While working with us, students are encouraged to participate in any and all office functions that take place, including monthly potluck lunches, seasonal parties, corporate spirit building exercises and outings.

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" With my last jobs I thought that working in an international company was going to be hard, bureaucratic and low, but when I started working in Xynyth, I found that when you have the correct working environment, use of technological tools for daily tasks and excellent management, working can become your best experience."




" What a wonderful atmosphere! All of the workers are very kind and friendly and their attitude of enjoying their own work was very interesting. They always tell a joke and make fun. Being able to know what is a Canadian company and what is a Canadian office working atmosphere was incredibly valuable.”




"I had really good time and could learn many things here. I am going to use the experience in a company which I belong to in Japan"




"I would like to say that I had a wonderful time here and I discovered that sometimes work can be nice (in the right environment)."




"When I came here, I was so afraid…but all of the coworker make me feel comfortable. So I can adapt very fast…I extremely recommend to gain this kind of experience."

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